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Create your first simulation

Create your account

Create account

There are three ways to register:

  1. Register with your email. You will receive a magic link in your email inbox.
  2. Use your google account to register.
  3. Use your apple account to register.

Select a drug

Select a drug screen

  1. Scroll through the list of drugs.
    • On mobile, you can use your touchscreen.
    • On desktop you can use your scroll with your cursor inside the borders, or you can scroll by dragging with your cursor.
  2. Press next when you have selected the correct drug.

Additional information about the selected drug

  1. The name of the drug.
  2. The author of the model.
  3. The publication where the model comes from.
  4. The description of the model.
  5. A comment about the drug, containing additional information.

Create a patient and select a dilution

Select a patient

Create a patient

  1. Modify the age of the patient (the default value is 40 kg).
  2. Modify the weight of the patient (the default value is 70 kg).
  3. Modify the length of the patient (the default value is 170 cm).
  4. Change the gender of the patient (the default gender is male).

Select a dilution

A. Select the correct dilution.
B. The dilution expressed in the percentage of weight.
C. Press save when you have selected the correct patient and dilution.

Simulation screen

Your new simulation will appear on your screen!
First simulation

  1. Add an input.
  2. Open the bottom menu.
  3. Open the simulation menu.